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      OK Adobe


      I dont know where this discussion is going and somehow I don't really care.

      I have to find somehwhere to rant.


      Somewhere hidden in Adobe Elemets I have some questions which Steve Grisetti and other helpful people have answered for me.

      I would like to look at these again?


      But using the new bells and whistles forum I find that I have in the top right hand corner a search option which will search all Adobe Forums relevant to the  ?? different kinds of software that Adobe publish. This results in several hundred irrelevant answers.



      Ah! but there is a second option you can choose after you have done this. You can choose a selection. This allows you to choose Adobe Premiere Elements (for example) from the list of all the possible forums aleady mentioned, multiplied by the number of language options for each kind of software. A long list. To access this list there is small list window showing five or six members of the list in which you can scroll in to select the forum you need. This is not one of the easiest lists I have searched in. It ceratinly isn't intuitive - unless my intuition is lacking.


      Please Please can we have some effort to  make the use of these forums a sensible and more frendly activity. Perhaps another - Please - will help




      Oh and another thing I was given access to all the questions from another donald walton a couple of days ago. What fun. Hope he didn't mind.


      Should I now choose to have email notification of this - I think not - last time I tried I receieved notifiation of all he other questions which hadbeen asked by other members - soon filled up my in box. To fix this required another mammoth serach though the help pages.

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          Most of us feel your pain. There is another Adobe Forum - Forum Discussion, that might stand a better chance of:


          1.) getting some sort of resolution from Adobe


          2.) finding some answers


          3.) finding others, who have the same feelings, as you


          I have done my best to learn to live with the new fora. It has not been easy, though I have attempted to keep an open mind. Changes have been made, and some more have been hinted at. That list, that you mention for the fora - it is supposed to be shortened and the window enlarged. So far - nothing. Search is supposed to be improved. So far - nothing.


          The addition of People in the search criteria looked to be a good one. However, I do not find it to be as useful, as I had imagined. Because I follow threads in several fora, I like to be able to weed out some of the discussions with a simple search + People. Trouble is, some of the top people are missing and cannot be included in the criteria. Two Community Experts, who also happen to be MOD's on several of the Premiere and Encore fora do not appear, and if their names are typed in, yield zero hits. Well, at least Google finds them, but the Adobe fora will not. I have all but given up using the Search in Adobe. I can launch Google in a tab and get where I need to get much more quickly. Oh well, at least I was logged-in this AM, though I know that I will get kicked off, just when I go to Post Reply.


          You are not alone,