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    Switching off conditional build tags

    Authorgirl Level 1

      I now have quite a few conditional build tags in my RH7 project and it's getting a bit difficult to see what's what in my topics as they are covered in coloured hash lines. Is it possible to switch off the view of individual tags? For various jobs I need to see certain ones but not others.


      Also, can I just check that I am using them right?

      Our software has web and windows versions so I have a 'Web' tag and a 'Win' tag for where the content differs and I create different outputs for each.

      Within the web version, we now have 2 different sets of customers who each need slightly different content and different names/logos etc. So I have created 'Customer X' and 'Customer Y' tags as well as 2 separate tables of contents. So in places, I have text which has 2 tags on it, 'Web' and 'Customer X' or 'Customer Y'.


      Does this sound ridiculous? Is there a better way?


      I know I could have used user defined variables for the company names but I would still need the cond build tags for the content so figured it would keep it simpler just to use tags.