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    Custom Flex Components

    Travis Lazar

      So I was thrown into a Flex project about 4 months ago, I had heard of it but never used it, Actionscript, or really anything Adobe (except for PDFs). After working with Flex for the past 4 months I have fallen in love and am working to improve my knowledge of Flex and my portfolio of Flex things to show off. I have started a Flex blog with the purpose of creating a usable, tested, production worthy library of reusable components that anyone can come and download (open source of course). Along with the library I want to provide a tutorial of each component included in the library.


      I am running into one problem. I am out of ideas for widely usable and reusable components. I don't do a lot of web development (I'm mainly an application developer and do a lot of subsystem architecture work) so I'm not quite sure what people would use. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them.