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    Japanese Font in Flash Lite 1.1


      I'm developing a Flash Lite 1.1 application in Japanese language. I'm using Flash CS3 professional for the developement.

      I want to display the Japanese characters in Input and Dynamic text fields. The constrain is I have to use only device fonts.

      Does Flash Lite 1.1 support Japanese characters in device fonts?(I dont think, it supports because it doesn't support unicode).

      I tried embeding the characters(MS Gothic Font) under bitmap fonts options too... even it doesn't work.


      This(http://forums.adobe.com/thread/253362) unanswered thread denotes some complaince about Falsh Lite 1.1 and Flash CS3 Professional...! does it true?


      This(http://www.edandersen.com/category/japanese/) Article says Flash Lite 1.1 do not support Japanese characters in Device Fonts.


      What to do? I'm breaking my head.


      Please help me.