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    Check Air Version

    Jaz Chana

      Had a problem today. An off-site customer couldn't run an app we built and we needed him to check what version of Air he was running. After some time googling we came across this site;




      Now they seem like fairly straightforward instructions, however our users are both non-english speaking and non-technical. We couldn't assume they would be able to get this info without messing something up (not to say that they aren't intelligent people). So we decided to write a shell script to do all the above, but we got into the problem of setting permissions with umask and then running the thing. Then we thought about building an Air app to do this and it just didn't seem right (like googling google). Also if there was something wrong with AIR (as we suspect in this case) the app wouldn't work.


      So my college wrote a really simple piece of apple script to get the information and display it in an alert box. You simply unzip it onto you mac desktop double click and there you go. I thought it might be useful to somebody else so I've attached it to this post.