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    RSLs reloaded by modules and skins?

    Nick Kuh Level 1

      I've recently upgraded a project to work with a recent Flex Gumbo buid:


      My project utilizes runtime style loading (a single style.swf) and runtime loaded modules.


      The project is now taking longer to fully load and initialize than it did with the Flex 4 Beta release build.


      I've set up the project to utilize the swf RSLs that were in this SDK build. However, I'm noticing via Charles Proxy that the app ends up loading each RSL 3 times. In this test the app was made up of:


      1)Main app

      2) Style swf

      3) 1 loaded Module


      It seems that each of these 3 SWFs are triggering the app to load any required RSLs all over again.


      This is what I think is slowing the whole app loading process down.


      Any suggestions/solutions?