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    Presenter 7: Can you Import a single WAV with Markers over multiple slides?

    Colin Davis Level 1

      Adobe Presenter 7.0.1.


      The import audio allows you to import a WAV format file.  You should be able to use Markers in the WAV file and the Import will split the single WAV file at those markers to fit with the individual slides.


      That was certainly the case in earlier versions according to some of the Forum posts, and the dialog box for Audio Import hints that it can be done because it says:

      1. "Select the starting slide for the import..."
      2. Ignore Markers? (check box)


      So the title, select the starting slide suggests that the import can be over more than one slide, and the Ignore Markers check box suggests that markers might be used somehow.


      But it doesn't!  This would be great if it did.  Has anyone got this working?


      What I have to do now is split the audio file up into individual files, one for each slide, and name them 01, 02, 03 and so on.  Then the import can be pointed to all the files and it puts one file on each slide for you.


      Any help getting this working gratefully received.


      Colin Davis