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    Samples | CompositionPlayer -- s4 Using MediaPlayerWrapper.as (vs s3 Using FlexMediaPlayer.as)


      I see a change between s4 and s3 in the CompositionPlayer sample in that MediaPlayer in s4 is now being accessed via MediaPlayerWrapper.as (vs in s3 via FlexMediaPlayer.as).


      Three questions:


      • Is the CompositionPlayer sample's use of MediaPlayerWrapper.as now likely permanent?
        (In the s4 CompositionPlayer sample, class MediaPlayerWrapper.as is instantiated in MainWindowLayout.mxml with id="mediaPlayerWrapper")
      • MediaPlayerWrapper.as currently is not included in the Language Reference.  Will it be included in the Language Reference eventually?
      • Is the class FlexMediaPlayer.as now gone forever?  (I no longer see it in the s4 source.)


      Thanks again to all of the team for your great work.


      Best regards,