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    browser plugin asking redundant, annoying question




      I am quite annoyed by the fact that when the system is shutting down with a browser -- I use Chrome and IE -- having a pdf open, the Adobe Reader has recently started to bring up a window with the somewhat silly question "One or more PDF documents are open inside a web browser. If you exit Adobe Reader now, those documents will be closed. Are you sure you want to exit?"


      To be honest, I cannot understand why to ask this question. The system is shutting down, so the browser is shutting down -- why is Adobe questioning this??

      (I have never opened the reader itself, just clicked on a pdf)


      Most annoying it is when I do a quick shut down on my notebook but do not wait until it goes silent: it cannot shut down as this window is waiting for user response, thus it hangs -- and when the battery is depleted, it goes to freeze modus...

      A real pain in the ***!



      Is there at least some way to get rid of these annoying messages?

      For once and for all: if my browser is about to quit, YES I want to let it quit, even if it has a pdf open.

      Even if Adobe quits, I do not mind closing the pdf tabs in my browser. (I do not even know how I could possibly shut down the plugin...)


      Thanks very much.