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    Why is Adobe requiring AIR to be installed in order to run?

    GenePilot Level 1

      I have used Director for years to make light-weight applications for conferences and full-blown applications (I also build applications in many other languages, but try to use the right tool for the job).  I have also been using Flash for years, though the security restrictions severely limited the range of applications that I could use it for.


      With AIR, I thought that Adobe had finally decided to support a much wider range of applications for Flash, but requiring AIR to be installed in order to run once again puts severe restrications on it, in terms of the clients who would want to require the users to do an install of the product!


      So, why did adobe do it?  Why not allow it to be run without installing in addition to having an effortless install method?


      It would open up the possibilities for AIR tremendously if it didn't have to be installed!