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    Workaround: RH7 hangs when opening topics

      Hi all,

      I didn't turn up any threads about this particular workaround while searching the forums, so I wanted to post this in case other RH7 users are having the problem I was having.

      I was experiencing hangs and crashes while opening topics. I would double-click a topic, get the hourglass icon on my mouse pointer, and then RH7 would become totally unresponsive, forcing me to kill the program.

      The problem did not happen with all topics, nor did it always happen with the same topics, which made it tough to diagnose.

      However, I stumbled upon a workaround. When RH7 hangs while opening a topic, I can get it to "unhang" simply by closing Outlook 2007, which I usually have open at the same time. I just close Outlook, wait a few seconds, and the topic opens in RH7 after a few seconds. I then open Outlook again.

      There seems to be some sort of conflict between these two apps, though I have no idea what it could be. In any case, this workaround has saved me lots of hair pulling!