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    AE crash


      I tried to run Ae and i got a license error which told me to reinstall AE to fix the problem.
      Well, i reinstalled it and now i get this error.

      AE  error:sfntread library error. (83::4)

      AE warning. unknown BiB error.sfntread library error, CT, O (83::4)

      AE can't continue: sorry, AE crashed.

      anyone experience this problem.


      i tried to fix it with the solution below but my enable workaround value was already set to 0. I tried to run it but it still gave me the same error. I uninstalled after effects, photoshop, and illustrator and then reinstalled them but that did nothing.



      Disable the System DLL Fragmentation Workaround.

      1. Navigate to the After Effects preferences file:        

        Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Adobe\After Effects\8.0        

        Windows Vista: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\After Effects\8.0
      2. Double-click on the AfterFX8.ini file to open it in Notepad.
      3. In the [System DLL Fragmentation Workaround] section, change the Enable Workaround=1 value to Enable Workaround=0.
      4. Choose File > Save.
      5. Close Notepad.
      6. Start After Effects.


      Does anyone have any other  fix for this.

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          yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

          Can you give us more info ?


          What Version of AE, what OS, Computer Specs, gfx card. Was AE working before the bug, or did you get it on first launch ?

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            scurah Level 1

            What Version of AE, what OS, Computer Specs, gfx card. Was AE working before the bug, or did you get it on first launch ?


            I am running the adobe production premium cs3 suite. So its AE cs3 running on windows xp sp2. the graphic card is a quadro 3600m which comes in the dell m6300 laptop. I bought the cs3 production suite last year and everything has been running fine from that point. I used AE a few weeks ago and it was running fine. I tried to run the program on monday and thats when i got that license error.

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              yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

              Have you installed any other Adobe Products, CS3 or CS4 between the last good launch and the crash ?

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                scurah Level 1

                other than adobe reader i installed adobe flash cs3 about a month or so ago. i also tried out the latest adobe acrobat trial, and then took it off after the trial period expired.

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  Combination of evil circumstances. Uninstall everything that carries the Adobe label. Then run the CS4 Clean Utility to clean up your installer database. You may need to run it several times in fact to really get rid of all traces. Then restart your computer. Reinstall CS3. Try to launch it. If it gives you a licensing error, uninstall it again, this time without using the clean script. This is simply a bug in the licensing system. Then restart your computer once more. Reinstall CS3. It should now work again. Only then install tools like Adobe Reader 9 or any CS4 trials you may want to evaluate.



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                    scurah Level 1

                    thanks for the help, i will try that out.

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                      scurah Level 1

                      it must be a miracle

                      i was about to uninstall the whole thing but i decided to back up some of my ae and photoshop files. while backing the files up i decided to try and run AE to see if it would work and it works

                      i am so happy that it worked, i have no idea what happened but i was really dreading the long process of reinstalling the whole suite.

                      hopefully whatever happened will not occur again ( fingers crossed)


                      Thanks again for the help