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    Low memory issue


      I have an HP Pavilion 2 Quad Proc 2.5 Ghz. Vista 32 bit home prem, 4 GB DDR2, 512 MB Nvidia  8500GT, Realtek Audio (updated driver), Blu ray read/write drive, Two 500 GB interinal drives 7200rpm SATA 3GB, Virtual mem set to windows control. Program PE7


      I shoot video on a Canon SX1 IS. in 1920 x 1080 30f/s h264 MOV files. If I edit less than 4 Min of Video in PE7 all is well. 5 min of video causes low mem warning from PE7. No message from Windows. Adobe tech support said it is a windows virtual memory issue talk to Microsoft, but nothing else. I have HP support but they said it is outside the scope of support. For $ 60 I can get better support one time but no guarantee. I tried Reg cleaners, manual setting virtual mem at 18 GB. That helped  a little. Rebooting helps., but in the end I get "program not responding" or other failure messages. I have read other posts but they were talking 40 min of video or more. I have had no problems with video from my old Sony I have edited over 1 1/2 hr. but 5 min of DH video brings it to a halt.Is anybody editing from this model Canon with sucess? I can play video from the camera with HDMI cable and it is beautiful. Any ideas?



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          Kodebuster Level 3

          The h.264/AVC format presents a resource challenge to PE.


          (Although a well tuned/optimized Quad system should get by).


          I'm sure those working in HD will chime in at some point, but I believe the best approach is to convert to HDV.


          This FAQ will review the convert options:




          This should remove stress to your system (which should resolve the low mem issues)...

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            Richard72935 Level 1

            I will try your idea. Strange, bigger files less memory problems.  I did upgrade to Quicktime pro to export to another format, but the results are awful. Of course this does not explane why so many people are having memory problems. I think when more people start editing HD still camera video there will be a land slide of problems. I would like to hear from someone shooting and editing Canon MOV files (say 30 min long) How are they doing it? 5 min should not break the program. I never got a reply from my last message to Adobe. Earlier I did get a link to a trouble shooting article I could not see anything that would apply.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              >I will try your idea. Strange, bigger files less memory problems.


              Actually, it's bigger files, less compression, less memory problems, Richard.


              Remember, your video isn't video from a video camcorder. It's from a still camera -- so it's compressed to squeeze into a smaller space. And that compression method can cause problems to video editing programs.


              Converting the file to a more standard video format will resolve your performance issues.

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                Richard72935 Level 1


                I can understand how it would help process time but helping memory is a strange concept. Since less compression means bigger files. Memory management is way beyond my understanding. I have been working with computers since the PET and TRS80 with 2 kb upgrade and I want to use a hammer some days. I feel Adobe has a way to go with Memory management so that we can just open the program and edit video. I can understand taking a long time to process data in virtual memory but why the "program stopped" message? It is as if virtual memory is not used. Also data not used at the moment could be sent to the disk. It would be a lot slower but no memory crash. I can remember running large databases on 8 bit machines with 64 kb of memory. Of course a large database was smaller than one or two sec of video.


                Thanks for the reply