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    Alignment Grids for Titler in PrE & PrPro

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      There have been several discussions on the lack of real alignment tools in Titler, for both PrE and PrPro. I use a workaround to this, and just Import a "grid" image, created in PS and Saved to .PSD with Transparency. I use the same technique to build layouts for PiP and similar.


      One just Imports the .PSD into their NLE (Non Linear Editing) program, as a still, or as Footage in PrPro. The .PSD is then placed on the Timeline in a Video Track above any other Clips. The Title is then placed above the .PSD. In PrE, one sees the Video below the Title automatically. In PrPro there is a checkbox to do this.


      The grid in the .PSD is used for alignment of the elements/text in the Title.


      Be sure to remove the grid, when you are done, or in PrPro, you can turn off visibility for its Video Track. Otherwise, you WILL Export the grid, and that is not what you will likely want to do. Do not forget to disable this .PSD, before the Export.


      Attached are an NTSC 16:9 .PSD and an NTSC 4:3 .PSD, with proper PAR for each.


      Hope that this helps someone, where they need better alignment in Titler in either PrE, or PrPro.