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    Help with Flash AS 2.0 Buttons

    dmarcoot Level 1

      I really need some help with this file, I m fairly inexperience in action script and have great difficulty getting this to work.


      what happens is when you click on the Performance button on the left, the Learn more buttons below the gloves on the  perform  frame of movie clip  mButtons  will not work. These buttons are movie clips on a separate frame of the same time line of the movie clip   mButtons  which contains the Lifestyle Learn more buttons on the  life  frame.


      Ideally the buttons would have been in the rollover on the gloves, which are buttons rather than movie clips, but I was unable to get that to work either.


      If you can help with the 2.0 code it might be most helpful as I am even less familiar with AS 3.0
      Thanks for any help.