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    Lost Prepopulated Data when Flattening a Signed PDF


      Hi Experts there,


      Here's the process. I am using Java API with reference to the LC online QuickStart 8.2. New to LC world.


      Step 1: Prepopulate a dynamic form(PDF) which is created in LC Designer 8.2 using the LC Form ES. (Success)

      Step 2: Programatically add a digital signature field into the form and sign it using the LC Digital Signature ES. (Success)

      Step 3: Try to Flatten the signed PDF but got an output pdf with all the data fields empty except the signature field using the LC Output ES. (Fail)


      Any suggestions? The signed PDF form is attached.



      I did switch Step 2 and Step 3 and tested "flatten-first, then sign". It worked. However, this way, the flatten output gave me two pages instead of one - the source pdf has only one page. Among the two pages, the first page is what I wanted, but the second one is a blank form which is exactly same as the first page. Where does this blank page come from? Was there something wrong when I generated the PDF form in LC Designer? I did nothing but using the default template - Conference Registration!


      Please help. The original PDF form and the flatten output file are attached.




      Thanks a lot!