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    AdvancedDataGridColumn has some cells editable and some not

      I'm using an Advanced Data Grid. (Actually, I've built an ActionScript class that extends AdvancedDataGrid.) Some of the columns are editable, using colum.itemEditor=new ClassFactory(TextInput).

      I would like for some of the cells in the column to be editable and some not editable, depending on the underlying data being displayed in the row. For example, "if column1 = 'xxx' then column2 is not editable".
      Also, I would like the column not to be editable if the cell is in a Grouping row.

      I am new to Flex, and don't know how to begin attacking this problem. Is there some easy (or not so easy way) in ActionScript to gain control over a single cell in a column, based on the underlying data?

      Thanks for your help. A newbie appreciates it.