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    Name components in exported library?


      I have been working with a project and am ready to export my components to a library.


      I've exported the library and reimported into the project in which I want to use them. However, the component names that I assigned in the original project were lost so I end up with component names such as CustomComponent3_2, Button2_1, and Text3 (instead of ConversionsGroup, AcceptButton, and StatusText).


      Is there a way to retain these component names during a library export and import?

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          acath Level 4



          I think there are two things going on:


          1) It sounds like maybe you had renamed the components in the layers panel, but not in the library panel. The layers panel allows you to set a name on each instance. When you export your library, you're exporting the definitions, which have their own names. We're working on making this distinction more clear.


          2) If you re-import components into the same project, Catalyst will append numbers to give them unique names (component names must be unique).