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    Is Captivate right for this project?

    thebossone Level 1

      I am quite familiar with PS, AI, DW, etc., but learned about Captivate today while doing research on presentation authoring software for an upcoming project at work.


      I am hoping someone here can tell me whether or not Captivate is a good fit for the project.


      We are re-doing a training program.  It is a very simple software training program.  It is a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.  It has an auto-start/run feature so that it starts up and opens to the main menu upon insertion into a computer.  There is a dvd-like menu so that the student can skip around to different sections on the disc.  Once a selection is made, a QuickTime video (we don't insist on using QuickTime, in fact some of our students have trouble installing it on their cpu's) plays.  The video is surrounded by a frame that includes playback controls (fast-forward, rewind, pause, etc), the company logo, the currenly playing section number and disc, and Menu, Previous, and Next buttons.  The videos in the past have been nothing but screen captures with voice overs, but we would like to incorporate PowerPoint-ish slides into the videos if it can be done without having to pay someone to edit the video, as that's not in the budget for this product.


      The contractor that did the last one for us is a great trainer, but produced a lower-quality product than we like.  I suspect he used a free or very cheap program.


      Your thoughts?  Does this seems like a project for Captivate?