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    Need help with Photoshop and "Licensing for this product has stopped working" message. Adobe fix isn't working.

    Kristen Paquet

      I am still using CS3. A while back I received an error: "Licensing for this product has stopped working" for my CS3 programs. I used the recovery program suggested by Adobe and was able to get Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver to work, but I still can't open Photoshop or In Design. I went back to the Adobe site and did every other trick they suggested to fix the error, but nothing has worked.


      I then tried to uninstall photoshop from my CS3 suite (so I could reinstall) but got a JavaScript Alert: "Critical errors were found in set up. Please see set up log for file details." Seeing as I am not the best with the behind the scenes technical stuff, I have no idea what this means or where the set up log even is. Any help anyone can provide?


      I have had CS3 installed on my computer for over a year. I started having problems about 4 months ago.