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    OLAPDataGrid and IOLAPResult from XML/A

    moutfeh5 Level 1

      Hi guys


      I am working with the OLAPDataGrid, i read from

      http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Flex_3:Feature_Introductions:OLAP_API_and_OLAP_Data_G rid


      that OLAPDataGrid can talk with OLAP Servers


      Can OLAPDataGrid talk with other OLAP Servers? - YES

      OLAPDataGrid consumes an IOLAPResult and if your backend is some real OLAP server or even some other cube implementation you can implement the IOLAPResult interface and thus can make OLAPDataGrid display your query results


      I implement a C# web service where i pass to it the MDX query where i execute it against SSAS, after it i save the result (which is XML/A) into an XML File.


      Then i am getting the content of the file through <mx:httpService>


      i read that i can write the following olapDataGrid.dataprovider = result as IOLAPResult

      where result is the content of the file.


      The problem is that the data are not loaded into OlapDataGrid.


      should i parse the XML/A result and retrieve the value then bind it to the olapDataGrid

      What shall i do?



      Thank you

      Please it is urgent