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    How do I change background color of jpg to fit present color

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      I have a tan background color on a biz card. Want to place a jpg of a purple crayon line on it, but it has a white background. How do I get the white to the tan background without changing the color of the purple crayon. How do I blend this? I am a newbie at InDesign and can't find a book that gives this answer.   Thanks, Penni     penni@pennigladstone.com

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          Did you intend to do this with a script? (I'm assuming you didn't -- but this is the Scripting forum, not intended for general questions.)


          JPEGs don't support transparency. Open the image in Photoshop and remove the background, leaving it as 'transparent'. Then save the image in a format that does support transparency. Alternatively, create a Photoshop path that selects just the stuff you want to see, and save the image as PSD. When importing into InDesign, you can select this path as 'clipping path'.


          If the edge between color and white background is fairly sharp, you can always try InDesign's Detect Edges option: select the image, from the Object menu, select Clipping Path. In the dialog box, select "Detect Edges". Enable Preview and tinker with the settings for the best result.