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    seeking basic script help


      hello flash forum-

      i will start with my question and leave the explanation for later...


      i am looking for real simple scripting- i have a 15-25 frame flash tweened animation, and all i would like to do is run thru the animation once then on mouse click go to frame one and start again... and of course i am under a time crunch and completley fogged with actionscript 3.0


      yes, i did some basic projects back in the director days and thought i could just pick up where i left off... if i remember right it was simple scripting like




      etc... sheeesh! do i feel lame! thanks very much in advance for any and all help

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          thepixelsmith Level 2

          This is a two part solution. First stop the timeline from automatically playing again and then create an event listener that allows you to run a function based on a mouseClick.


          In the last frame of your timeline:


          Step 1: Create a stop function




          Step 2: Create an Event Listener to listen for a MouseClick. This assumes you want to have a button trigger the playback. I used a generic name and assumed that you were using a MovieClip as the button.


          myMC_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, myFunction);


          Step 3: Create the function that is listed at the end of the event listener. It will be triggered whenever the listener runs.


          function myFunction(myEvent:MouseEvent):void {





          If you don't want to use a button you could use an event listener tied to the stage itself:


          stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, myFunction);

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Repeated info removed

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              btk_ola Level 1

              thank you very much! soon as i get this out im hittin the books!


              thanks again