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    Is MyApp.air installed?

      We have an AIR app (call it MyApp.air) which may or may not be installed on a user's computer.
      We have an additional software package to install independently (using InstallShield).
      We'd like to install some components if the user's computer has MyApp.air installed.

      We were going to look for an Uninstaller for MyApp, but it appears that the GUID is not fixed (that is, not the same for each install of MyApp; may be different on different computers; or different on the same computer after an upgrade to MyApp.air).

      Can anyone suggest a reliable mechanism for determining whether MyApp.air has been installed?
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          Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
          The product GUID changes for each version of your application, but the upgrade GUID remains stable. The recommended way to determine if the application is installed is to query MSI for the presence of the upgrade GUID.

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            AIRUser Level 1
            Thanks, Oliver!
            We are able to use the upgrade GUID to determine if MyApp is currently installed.
            Now that I know it is installed, is there a way to know where? Generally it would be in Program Files / MyApp (if I understand correctly). But it is possible for the user to change the install directory during the install. So can I find out "for sure" where it is? ie MyApp.exe?
            Thanks so much for your help!
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              Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
              Yes, you can do this to. The GUID of the MSI component containing the main executable (MyApp.exe) always matches upgrade GUID. You can use this to ask MSI where that component is installed.

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                So let me understand this. You are saying that AIR is using the same GUID for the ComponentCode (of the main executable) and the UpgradeCode?

                If so, are these normal GIUDs with braces and hyphens, without braces and hyphens, or shuffled (without braces and hyphens)?

                What is the preferred method for obtaining these GUIDs? Do I reverse-engineer the GUIDs from searching the registry, or are these GUIDs in the source code of the AIR app?

                [Sorry, I'm an MSI guy and not an AIR guy--yet.]

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                  AIRUser Level 1
                  Can you help here, too?
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                    Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
                    That's right: the UpgradeCode and (main executable) ComponentCode are identical and stable across updates to your application.

                    Whether or not you need braces or the "compressed" form of the GUID depends on where you're using them, per normal MSI rules (or nuttiness, depending on your point of view).

                    Most developers interested in this topic are building a native installer that also installs their AIR application, and have therefore signed up to redistribute the runtime. If you do that, you get documentation that covers this as well as a utility application that, given your application ID and publisher ID, generates the UpgradeCode for you. That's the peferred method.

                    That said, since the GUIDs are stable, you can also just pick them up from the registry once the application is installed. They are not present anywhere in the .air file itself.

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                      DanGalender Level 1
                      Just to explain why these questions are coming up is that we are actually installing a Windows companion application that's looking to see if the AIR app is installed (and simplify the install of the AIR app if it isn't there).
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                        AIRUser Level 1
                        I certrainly appreciate your help on this.