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    Final Cut Pro movie for web

    Jill Marcus

      I have a short video that I made using Final Cut Pro.

      I work on a MacPro, OSX 10.5 Leopard, and CS2.

      What format do I need to export my video so that I can upload it

      to a web site?



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          thepixelsmith Level 2

          There are several formats that will work on the web all with their own strengths and weaknesses.

          1- If you want to use the video in a flash site you will have to convert teh video to FLV format. I believe that if you have the CS2 suite it has a program called Flash Video Converter (the name might be a bit different haven't used CS2 in a while). You can prety much convert any Quicktime file s from FCP.

          2- If you are going to display your video in an HTML page you could instead use a QuickTime file. Compressor can make a web optimized Quicktime file for you.

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            ducati1 Level 1

            I would suggest importing your ".mov" file into Flash then render as a flash file and upload the ".flv" file to your web page