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    CS4 Design Premium is falsely (I think) claiming I have activated twice already


      I'm wondering how I rectify this situation. I don't remember activating my recently purchased brand new full license of CS4 Design Premium more than once already. I have it activated on my desktop, and now I'm trying to activate on my laptop (machine #2) and it wont let me. I had previously installed the software on one other computer but let it run in the 30 day trial mode while I was prepping my new laptop. I don't remember activating this machine, and I have since uninstalled from it. Now when I go to install on my laptop the serial number is accepted but photoshop keeps saying "Excuse the interruption but.." the serial number has already been used to activate on other machines. I have only activated on one other computer. So I have no other computer to deactivate from.


      I tried calling the adobe support line and the guy on the phone said he was sorry to inform me that the activation server was currently down and that it could be down for TWO WEEKS. Then he gave me an Adobe phone number to call that was located in the philippines (note this was not a toll free number). What am I supposed to do with this. I'm just hoping someone at Adobe can clear this up for me. I'd be happy if someone could just deactivate whatever two computers it is supposedly activated on already so that I can just run the activation again and hopefully get it to work. Do I need to call the Philippines?!?


      Is the Activation server actually currently down?!?


      Any help would be appreciated.


      -Randy Drisgill