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    Licence Expired problem + kind of a solution


      Hello you all!


      I´ve just purchased Adobe Production Premium CS4 package and installed it to my computer. Then when I try to open any other program than Bridge, I get message "Licensing of this product has been expired" and after clicking the button under that, nothing happens. It is really annoying, however I found one solution (not the best but it works) to get those programs to work. You just have to turn back your computers time...It´s that easy! Just click your time indicator on the rightdown corner of your windows and then click "Change date and time settings" Then click change date and time and modify the date. I tryed December 2008 and after that, my Production Premium CS4 worked like it should.


      This is not the solution I wanted but because I have this one project with deadline closing (project was the actual reason why I purchased this software) I just had to get my programs running...


      So if there is somebody who knows the real solution for this problem, please let me know...For now I´m just happy to know how I get softwares (worth aprx. 2300€) to work...


      I´ve tryed:



      License Recovery


      and all above together...