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    Published website looks wrong...


      ...When I publish my flash website (using Flash 8) it comes out looking like a chunk of the website taken from the middle of the active area and enlarged! The buttons still work, there are no scroll bars to see the rest though.

      I have added a screenshot of the publish priview of the website, as you can see, its just the middle of it with cut off edges.


      If anyone could help me out that would be wonderful!


      Thanks a lot




      extra info from publish settings:


      Version: Flash Player 8

      Load Order: Bottom up

      Actionsctipt version: ActionScript 2.0


      Template: Flash Only

      Dimentions: Pixels (800px/600px)

      Quality: High

      Wondow Mode: Window

      HTML Alignment: Default

      Scale: Default (Show All)

      Flash Alignment: Center verticle, Center Horizontal