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    "Mirror" a path in Illustrator

    haagel Level 1

      Hi there!


      I'm wondering if it is possible to "mirror" a path in Illstrator (don't know the right term for it).


      I've been working some in 3DS Max and in that application there is a feature that is very useful when creating symmetric models. I think it is called the "Symmetry Modifier". Let's say I want to create a head that is totally symmetric. In 3DS Max I would model one half of the face (i.e. the left) and use this feature to automatically do the other half (the right). The neat thing is that if I do changes to my original half, the other half automatically updates.


      Is there something similiar in Illustrator? Or is there another good way of achieving symmetrical path easily?


      I'm using Illustrator CS4.