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    Renaming a Project


      I'm baaccckkkk......


      'Nother question (and I always seem to have the Really Weird Issues).


      The client uses RH to create training tools for new hires. I've created a shell project, already set up with the templates, style sheets, common topics, basic TOC, index, graphics, etc. The idea is the developer copies the shell project, renames the directory of the copy to the new "tool" name, opens the project, and immediately selects File > Rename Project and gives it the name of the new tool.


      EVERY time RH loses files. They're still in the directory when  you look in Windows Explorer, but RH doesn't see them, they have to be imported (and all the broken links vanish!). It's always the same files, too. I've experimented several times, it always happens, always the same files. I'm creating a job aid for the client to use in developing the new "tools" and when I renamed it, nothing was lost.


      Any clues as to what's causing this? I've got it documented in the job aid as an annoying "gotcha" but if I can figure out how to keep it from happening we'll all be a lot happier.