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    Why does it: resize containers

    Jerry62712 Level 1

      Some containers resize to accommodate different sized content and some do not.  For example, a canvas in a panel will get larger if the content gets larger (due to a larger font).  But at other times it doesn't.


      Can anyone please explain what will get larger and what won't?  Especially what conditions need to be achieved.


      This is important because my input form does get larger as I would want it to.  But the result state where the calcualtions are displayed doesn't.  The text displays partly and then puts in an elipse.  If you hover over the text, the tool tip is displayed, but that is useless as the reason a person increased the font is because they can't read small stuff and the tool tip is always VERY small.

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          Jed Schneider

          if your components are inside another component and the parent component has a fixed size eg height = "100" the child container will only grow to the size of the parent container even if its height is set to percentage, eg height = "100%". Then depending on the compoent, it should provide a scroll bar.


          I take it as good practice to set the size of each component.


          also, height and width as a percentage can only be set in mxml, it won't accept that as a valid argument in actionscript. setting the sizes in mxml are bindable though, so it will detect changes and size as the interior components call their change event. i think you have to manually detect binding if you set size in actionscript.

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