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    RH8 HTML: Command Line Build Incomplete


      I am working with RH8 html and am having an issue with the command line build.  I could not find anything pertinent from previous posts.


      I have a project (640 topics) that is incorporated into a "master project" comprised of 3 merged projects. When I run my batch (.bat) file, the third project (mentioned above) only generates 103 of the 640 topics.  The additional 2 projects also encounter a similar problem.  This causes my master project to be missing images (and quite possibly topic information, though I have not yet found an instance).  There are no error readings.


      I place all of my images in a separate folder located in same directory as the .xpj file (e.g. MyProject/Images).

      When I generate each project manually in RH, everything works.  This leads me to believe that there is a flaw in my .bat file.  Perhaps I am not accounting for merged projects correctly?


      The .bat file is below (note that %~1 is an arguement representing a directory name):

      echo ****Building Tyco Online Help (General Build)****

      echo **Clearing File System**

      cd %~1\Master Help\!SSL! <--Location of Master Project Single Source Layout

      rmdir /Q /S WebHelp

      cd C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Robohelp 8\RoboHTML

      echo **Compiling IM Help**

      rhcl "%~1\IM Help\IM Help.xpj" <--Subproject 1

      echo **Compiling TEMS-NMS Help**

      rhcl "%~1\TEMS-NMS Help\TEMS-NMS.xpj" <--Subproject 2

      echo **Compiling TEMS Help**

      rhcl "%~1\TEMS Help\TEMS EUD.xpj" <--Subproject 3

      echo **Compiling Master Help**

      rhcl "%~1\Master Help\Master Help.xpj"

      echo **Copying WebHelp Folder to Desktop**

      cd c:\Documents and Settings\nms4400\Desktop

      rmdir /Q /S "General WebHelp"

      xcopy /S /E /I /Y "%~1\Master Help\!SSL!\WebHelp" "General WebHelp"



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          Have you resolved this issue with the incomplete build at the command line?


          I am generating a single project but am now having this issue, since I added the patch. The project which previously would not be compiled to the specified outout directory, is now created in the location specified by -o, but only 23 out of 442 topics are processed.