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    AdvancedDataGrid DragMove - How to tell what was moved where?

    john isaacks Level 1

      OK I have an AdvancedDataGrid. The data I feed it is XML that looks like this:

      <stat associate="Sam Smith" date="07/08/09" customer="James Frank"/>
      <stat associate="John Doe" date="09-07-08" customer ="Amanda Jones"/>
      <stat associate="John Doe" date="09-07-09" customer ="Henry Scott"/>


      But I am grouping by associate so it ends up looking like a tree like this:

      Sam Smith
      07/08/09    James Frank

      John Doe
      09-07-08    Amanda Jones
      09-07-09    Henry Scott


      I am trying to make it so you can re-assign customers to different associates by dragging them from one to another. I set dragMoveEnabled so I can actually click on and move it to another associate and it visually works perfect. But I need to detect who received what so I can update the data-base with the change.


      Does anyone know how to do that?