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    Captivate 4 freezing with PowerBuilder


      I've seen a couple of discussion topics in the past here on the forum about this problem but no solutions yet (other than using a remote desktop program and 2 computers to get the recording done).  I'm on Captivate 4 and it freezes during recording sessions at various times in the program for which I'm trying to record a tutorial.  That program uses PowerBuilder (I believe we're on v.10.5 of PB).  I know there was a fix by changing the registry file that would solve the situation with Captivate 2.  Is there anything like that with Captivate 4?  It's very impractical for all 4 of us to be using 2 computers each to build our captivate e-learning modules.


      Have there been any fixes or other work arounds identified lately?

      Any help would be much appreciated!


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          It is the same fix:


          You need to add your 'powerbuilder built' program's exe to the registry:


          1. Choose Start > Run.
          2. Type regedit and then press OK.
          3. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Adobe Captivate\4
          4. Double clickthe string ExesToIgnoreClickEvent.
          5. Change the value from AcroRd32.exe|Acrobat.exe|PB105.EXE to AcroRd32.exe|Acrobat.exe|PB105.EXE|<whatever the powerbuilder executable name is> and then press OK.
          6. Double click the string ExesToIgnoreShowFocusLocChangeEvents.
          7. Change the value from PB105.EXE to PB105.EXE|<whatever the powerbuilder executable name is> to the value and press OK.
          8. Restart your machine and test.