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    Open a local file



      I want to use a script on a button in my flash movie to open local files. This movie is going to be on a CD and I want to open some files through the movie. Actually it's an autorun.


      What shall I do?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you can use the filerefence class to open a file-browse window.  but if you mean you want to execute some local file you should check the fscommand() function.

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            oxydiom Level 1

            would you please help me more about it? What fscommand shall I use?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              use "exec" to execute a local file that's in an fscommand sub directory of your app.

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                oxydiom Level 1

                sorry that I'm so amateur



                you mean this?


                on(release) {
                    fscommand("exec", "Required Programs/active sync 4.5 .msi");



                it's not working

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  that executable must be in a subdirectory named fscommand.  then use:



                  on(release) {
                      fscommand("exec", "fscommand/active sync 4.5 .msi");




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                    oxydiom Level 1

                    ain't working

                    besides, I need to organize them in different folders

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                      kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      well, that's how it's done.


                      (p.s.  your file name doens't look correct.)

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                        oxydiom Level 1

                        I've heard there are plugins that can do this, can you help me with that?

                        besides, is this fscommand you told me in AS 2.0? It's not working!



                        And another question, what if I want to open a folder not a file?

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                          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          if you want to interact with system files and folders you'll need to use as3 and create an air application.

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                            oxydiom Level 1

                            Would you please explain more and give me some examples? Can you create an example file and upload it for me?


                            Besides I have an extra question, I have a main flash file that loads another swf within it by "loadMovieNum". Can I use AS2.0 for the main flash file and AS3.0 for the swf which is played within the first one?

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                              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              i don't have time to create an air file for you.  here's code from a project i did that (among other things) reads a local xml file:


                              var shoremasterXMLFile:File;
                              var file2:File;
                              var partXML:XML;
                              var partCopyXML:XML;
                              var currentPartS:String;
                              var fileStream1:FileStream;


                              function openShoremasterXML(xmlDirectorySS:String){
                                  xmlDirectoryS = xmlDirectorySS
                                  //xmlDirectoryS = xmlDirectoryS.replace(/\//g, File.separator);
                                  //traceF("openshoremasterxml: "+xmlDirectoryS+"shoremaster.xml");
                                  shoremasterXMLFile = File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath(xmlDirectoryS+"shoremaster.xml");
                                  // done in initializations
                                  // ReadMXLDirectoryFS = new FileStream();


                                  ReadMXLDirectoryFS.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, xmlDirectoryReadCompleteF);
                                  ReadMXLDirectoryFS.openAsync(shoremasterXMLFile, FileMode.READ);


                              function xmlDirectoryReadCompleteF(event:Event):void {
                                  var shoremasterXML:XML = XML(ReadMXLDirectoryFS.readUTFBytes(ReadMXLDirectoryFS.bytesAvailable));
                                  ReadMXLDirectoryFS.removeEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, xmlDirectoryReadCompleteF);
                                  //shoremasterXMLFile = null;
                                  //ReadMXLDirectoryFS = null;
                              function xmlDirectoryReadErrorF(e:IOErrorEvent){
                                  //traceF("ERROR: "+e.toString());
                                  attachPopupF(null,"ERROR:","shoremaster.xml read-error.\n\nUse the LOAD DATA button to (re)specify the xml files' location.");


                              function parseShoremasterXML(xml:XML) {
                                  //tf.appendText("\n\nparseShoremasterXML entered");
                                  var xml:XML = XML(xml);
                                  var xmlList:XMLList = xml.children();
                                  for each (var item in xmlList) {
                                      var childList:XMLList = item.children();
                                      for(var i:int=0;i<childList.length();i++){
                                  // initial
                                  loadXML(cb.getItemAt(0).label.split(" ").join("").split("-").join(""));



                              // and not you cannot use an as2 swf to load an as3 swf.

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                                oxydiom Level 1

                                please make an example file when you are free

                                I can't get it

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                                  A simpler option might be to use a flash application builder like mProjector, it adds an openDocument command (along with many others) into Flash


                                  Here a link to the API Docs page




                                  So your would code something like this in AS





                                  There is a full built example fla / swf / app on this page




                                  called "Open Documents"


                                  You would need to download the demo version of mProjector  to install these new commands into Flash.




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                                    oxydiom Level 1

                                    that's cool

                                    but my main problem is opening folders. It's MUCH more important

                                    I want to open some folders by clicking on buttons

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                                      mantissa0 Level 1

                                      Yes you can do that too


                                      OpenDocument is actually a pretty generic call, it can open a document, send and email, open a web browser and also open a folder, just pass it the path to the folder you want to open and it will open in the Windows Explorer (Win) or Finder (Mac)


                                      This Code for example will open the folder that the application is running in



                                      var fileToOpen = mApplication.getFolder() + mSystem.getPathDelimiter();



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                                        oxydiom Level 1

                                        it's AS3.0, yeah?

                                        If I want to open another folder, what shall I do then?


                                        for example:


                                        Flash file is located in CDROM// Autorun\flash.swf

                                        Target folder:  CDROM// Programs\Root1\1

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                                          mantissa0 Level 1

                                          No, our software supports AS2 or AS3,


                                          if the path is constant then you can hardcode it into the call



                                          mSystem.openDocument("CDROM// Programs\Root1\1");
                                          If it is relative to the App you made then you would make a call to figure out the path to your app
                                          var applicationFolder:String = mApplication.getFolder();
                                          applicationFolder now equals the path to the folder you app is in, you use Flash string handling to add or substract to this string to make the path you need.
                                          mProjector also has a routine
                                          mSystem.getSpecialFolder(folderName:String) : String

                                          that takes a selector to return a path places like the programs folder



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                                            NSurveyor Level 2

                                            You may be able to use a batch file which in turn can open a folder/file of your choosing. I was able to muster up this short, but robust batch script:

                                            @echo off
                                            set file=%~n0
                                            %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e, "%~dp0..\%file:@=\%"


                                            The filename of the batch file dictates the folder which the script will open. The path is relative to the swf, with @ used in place of "\". Thus, in your case, you would name the batch file:  "..@Programs@Root1@1.bat" which would be saved in the directory "Autorun/fscommand/"


                                            And then to execute it, you'd simply use:

                                            fscommand("exec", "..@Programs@Root1@1.bat" );


                                            Of course, you could very well hardcode the path in the batch file to ease the naming process:

                                            @echo off
                                            %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e, "%~dp0..\..\Programs\Root1\1"