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    Issues with Contribute / Mosso


      I work with several client sites and this week, all of the sudden, they cannot publish files in Contribute.  They can connect fine.  All of these sites are hosted at Mosso and have never had any issues connecting.  When I contacted Mosso, they were not able to recreate the problem because they, like myself, can modify the files just fine in FTP programs like Filezilla.  Are there any updates in the last week to Contribute that could be causing these issues?

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          This same exact issue is happening to our websites as well. We have many customer websites with Mosso that are using contribute. About one week ago we started getting calls that they could not publish their drafts. They can connect ok, but cannot publish drafts. They get the error ' ...server is not accepting connections...'


          When I talked to Mosso, they say they can connect just fine and their servers are working ok. I can connect to the server via ftp client as well, and copy files over, but not with Contribute. I tried changing the file permissions in the ftp client and having the customer try publishing their draft again, but no luck.


          Anyone out there have similar issues as this, with a successful solution?