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    cfgrid and href issues.


      I am unable to get the href action to fire when clicking on a grid row.  The grid is populating fine.  Here is the code.


          <cfform id="gridForm"  method="post">
              <cfgrid format="flash" name="mfgGrid" height="400" width="300"
                  query="allManufacturers" colheaderalign="center" rowheaders="no" selectmode="single"
                  highlighthref="yes" appendkey="yes" href="productDetails.cfm?qtype=patterns&mfg=manufacturerName" hrefkey="manufacturerName">
                  <cfgridcolumn name="manufacturerName" header="Manufacturer Name" target="_self">


      Basically, when the user selects a manufacturer, I want to to change pages to a new page that will display the various product patterns for the selected manufacturer.  For example, if the user selects Nike, I want to show all Nike patterns.  The queries are all working fine, but every time I click on a grid row absolutly nothing happens.