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    Share project configuration with team and Build Path?


      Question 1:

      Is it possible to share the Flex Builder project settings (Flex Build Path, etc.) with other users?  It would be nice to be able to do this so all developers on a team do not have to follow a step-by-step procedure for setting up a project.  For example in a Java Project you can simply check-in the project and classpath files and new developers don't have to spend anytime setting up their ide.  I took a look at what flex is doing and it appears it saves this information (at least some of it) in the plugins directory.  I can't find exactly where but it seems very odd.


      Question 2:

      When setting the Flex build path is there a way to set-up a SWC Folder that recursively adds SWC's in sub-directories?  We pull in Flex libs from artifactory which places them into an un-flattened structure.  Since all the libs are in sub-dirs they are not found.  We have to manually add each lib individually?


      Any ideas on either of these questions?  Thank you.

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          Jens Wegar Level 1

          Re: Question 1.


          Do you mean check into SVN or similar? Anyway, it seems Flash builder is saving some configuration about build paths etc. in the .actionScriptProperties file, which is found in the root folder of a project. Another option might be to export the project as a Flash Builder project by right-clicking it in the package explorer and choosing Export?



          Re: Question 2.

          Afaik the IDE doesn't support recursively going through a folder to find all swc:s. You could probably solve this using an ANT script. E.g. the following script recursively copies all files with .swc extension from the libraries (AS3) folder to the libs folder of a project.


          <project name="swcTest" default="copy.swc" basedir=".">
              <property name="swc.src" value="${basedir}/../../libraries (AS3)/" />
              <property name="swc.dest" value="${basedir}/libs/" />
              <target name="copy.swc" description="Recursively copies swc files from source to target folder">
                  <echo message="${swc.src}" />
                  <echo message="${swc.dest}" />
                  <copy todir="${swc.dest}" failonerror="true" flatten="true">
                    <fileset dir="${swc.src}"