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    Command Line Output Directory


      I am trying to generate my help files through the commanline utitlity via a bat file.


      Here is my bat file...



      rem Generates the System output files

      "c:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 8\RoboHTML\RHCL.exe" "c:\Projects\myProj\1.0.0\Development\HelpFiles\MyHelp.xpj" -o

      "c:\userName\Desktop\RoboHelpOutput" -g "c:\userName\Desktop\RoboHelpOutput\log.txt"



      When I run this, it successfully generates the output files, but it does not generate it in the "c:\userName\Desktop\RoboHelpOutput" directory. Instead, it uses the directory I pointed it at when I generate the output through the RoboHelp UI. I need to figure out why this is ignoring the -o Destination tag in order to be able to work locally and have the help files generated with our automated builds.


      Please Help!!!!

      Thanks in advance!



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          Hi - we are having the same issue. Regardless of what we specify as the output folder, the help file always generates the output on the drive we previously specified in the SSL file.



          <element name="DestinationProjectName" value="X:\doc_4x\html\apps\output\pr\flexi\fpr32.chm" />


          We tried to eleminate the X: to see where the file will generate to. This is the path that showed up on the first wizard screen when I went to generate in RH a few minutes later:

          X:\doc_4x\html\apps\projects\pr\doc_4x\html\apps\projects\pr\doc_4x\html\apps\output\pr\fl exi\fpr32.chm


          Any help in resolving our command line build issue is greatly appreciated!

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            This has been fixed in RH 8.0.1.

            I tried it today and it works!

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              Has anybody gotten this working with the 8.0.2 patch?   It looks like it has regressed and doesn't work anymore.   I had it working in 8.0.1.