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    Appearance of buttons for browse sequence

    James K. Patrick

      Hi all,


      I just need a sanity check here (RH8).


      It looks to me like a browse sequence is presented in CHM files with Previous and Next buttons (so labeled), a dropdown list of browse sequences, and a graphical representation of the topics in the browse sequence across the top of the topic.


      It also appears to me that in WebHelp output, the only thing indicating a browse sequence are unlabeled Previous and Next buttons appearing above the TOC.


      Is this correct, or am I just not enabling things correctly in my WebHelp output?


      If it's just the 2 unlabeled buttons that appear in the WebHelp output, how in the world are users supposed to pickup on that?





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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          You understand it correctly and I agree it is difficult as people are used to Previous and Next relating to the sequence they have navigated through, rather than a logical sequence defined by the author.


          The CHM sequence bar cannot be replicated in webhelp so what do you do? Can you suggest another way to represent it or deal with the issue? It would be interesting to get some views on this.


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            James K. Patrick Level 1



            Thanks for the confirmation.


            I guess there's a couple of ways folks could deal with this in WebHelp tho I am certainly no XHTML guru. They could manually create a set of links to display at the top of a group of topics, perhaps putting this navigation in a frameset? Not very friendly, and tough to update/maintain.


            Or (ab)use the mini-TOC and have a series of subtopics of subtopics that would be followed in waterfall fashion. Or completely hack the mini-TOC structure and CSS to get a series of previous/next buttons along with the subtopics.


            I'm sure there are folks out there with better ideas than mine.