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    Styling within an application framework.


      We are currently working on an application framework that will be used by a number of products within our company.  As we try and come up with a model that will allow us to provide a default theme while allowing us to at runtime customize for various customers,  we are having a hard time figuring out how to go about styling the app.  Here is the issue we are struggling with.


      We have framework that is broken into multiple SWC files. 

      These SWC files are planned to be compiled into the application. 

      The SWC files contain multiple components that we need to style.


      It would be nice to include the component in one of the SWC files but I can't figure out one would then access that file from the application.   Can this be done?  If not,  is the next best approach is to externalize the styling in a situation where you are building a set of custom components in a framework and plan to incorporate this framework into an multiple app.

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          Not exactly sure what the problem is. You have mentioned trying to figure out styling, then you seem to be speaking of trying to figure out how to access components compiled into SWCs.


          Regarding styling, you could reference external CSS files, that way you could swap CSS files to affect the styling.


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