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    Time Change on Red Footage Corrupts Project


      Hey Adobe -


      Seems like I've find yet another bug in your amazing Premiere Pro CS4 software with latest updates.Win XP 4 gigs of ram plenty of hard drive space etc.


      If you change the speed of any Red Clip in the timeline (through time remapping or through just changing its playback speed by right mouse clicking on the clip and selecting speed / duration) and then save your file, it is corrupted. You can save as you go, autosave as you go, even incrementally save with new version numbers, do the shift thing when you load premiere up - well no matter what ya do, it turns out that the file is corrupted and won't ever load again.


      Surprise, surprise! I've never heard of Adobe making software that corrupts files before. And of course it doesn't WARN you that there's something wrong. That's just crazy talk to expect somethin' like that!


      So, geniuses, is there any way to fix the file or do I get to - oh, joy! - redo a whole day's work? And where do I send the bill for all the time I've spent trying to work around your bugs (probably 80 man hours over a two month period) instead of actually editing my latest feature film?