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    Using 2 versions at once

    Mike Sofa Level 2

      I have a question that relates to licensing and legality rather than using Illustrator.
      This week I finally got upgraded to CS4. It was becoming too much of a problem not being able to open customer's files. Others in my workgroup had the upgrade already.
      I had resisted the upgrade mostly due to a policy implemented by the corporation which bought my company a couple of years ago. It seems they have determined that getting an upgrade of software means that all old versions of the software must tbe removed at the same time. This had never been the case before; users had the chance to use both new and old versions while making the transition.
      So it turns out that the changes and bugs introduced in CS4 are being major headaches. The Layer Action bug, the loss of the Crop Area tool, the introduction of bleeds, etc, are combining to make make thousands of old files unusable without a bunch of tedious fixes. I can adapt to the new version well enough, as I always have, but losing access to CS3 is making the whole process a lot more trouble than it should be.
      Anyway, I've looked throulgh the Adobe website for a while but I can't find anything about restricting use of an old version of software after making an upgrade. Does anybody here know what the official policy or law pertaining to this is? I want to have some support before I ask my corporate overlords to make an exception for me.
      Thanks so much in advance for reading and responding to this.


      Mike Davenport

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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          Most people here probably have two, three, or even four versions of the software loaded on their machines. There is no restriction by Adobe on this. It's often easier to work on a file in the originating version of the software than to use a new version and suffer when things are changed by resaving.

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            [scott] Level 6

            I currently have 4 versions of Illustrator installed. They all run fine and there is no legal restriction, as Larry posted.

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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              In addition, remember to tell them about the monies they will save by your working more efficiently, and be sure to make them understand that exactly the same applies to all the others that are now wasting their time and their monies (woolly/different/multiple option use of the word their).

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                I have three versions running with no real problems. But if you have doubts you can always install your system on an external drive and install one of the version o that drive unfortunately that is a bit cumbersome because you have to reboot to switch versions.


                That can be done on a Mac.

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                  S. Gordon Level 1

                  As other posters have commented, there is no problem in keeping old versions on hand. And there are some definite benefits.


                  When the new text engine was implemented with CS, there was a change in saving editable text from CS back to the previous version, 10. You couldn't do it. So while I worked in CS, some of my clients were working in 10--and I needed to use 10 for them and CS for other clients. That way clients with 10 were assured perfect editability with text coming from my computer.


                  I believe that there are tweaks to the "layout" of text between CS4 and CS3. I've seen some strange positioning of type on a path when I open a client's CS3 file in CS4...well, not real real strange but a bit off and requiring some resetting along the path.