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    Can Only Print "Lines" ...

    CS3 Charlene Level 1

      PLEASE ... Someone help me!


      I've spent the entire day only to get nowhere repeatedly so I thought I would try from the color management perspective. ANYWAYS I can't print anything on my mac from InDesign or Illustrator CS3 without a bunch of uniform lines appearing. I can print to the same inkjet from my PC using Corel and the photo and artwork is perfect. I bought a Mac and invested in CS3 to make things more productive in my business ... when in fact its costing me clients, time, and money and I'm over it ... I don't know what to do or where to go all I know from my searching is there appeares to be "KNOWN" problems but I need simple english to explain a solution.


      If anyone can help me or point me in the right direction I will be very grateful!!!

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          Printer_Rick Level 4

          Printing from InDesign, send Composite RGB, and under the Color Management in print dialog, Color Handling let InDesign choose colors, the printer profile needs to match the paper and printer. Preserve Numbers Off.


          Under Advanced make sure Print as Bitmap is disabled


          Lines in the printing really sounds like a device issue. Refer to the printer manual under troubleshooting, and also try to print some diagnostic images. I know you said you get successful prints from the PC, but it's worth it to check the device anyway.


          Is this an Epson printer? There are issues with the Epsons. There must be at least 50 threads in all the forums that discuss major problems printing to the Epsons. I have an HP so I'm not sure what the problem is exactly. Wish I could be of more help...

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            CS3 Charlene Level 1

            Thanks Rick ... I'm already in line with most of what you said in respect to color and the color isn't too bad at all ... but its this line problem ... I just don't get it.


            I'm printing to a Brother MFC6490. I've used everyone of the names in printers in the past and my ex used to handle the commercial end of print. These jobs I need something, anything that would print off these small projects, proofs, etc. My PC is slow and Corel is sooooooo old but it prints perfection ... yet everything that comes off this Mac whether it be ID or AI has lines.


            This has been such a disappointment to say the least!

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              In the new Photoshop, full or Elements, you need to have the "exact" paper type you are using chosen in the printer manager. I have never experienced this before with my many Epson printers but now it is important; paper thickness matters.


              Hope this helps.


              Ezra Mann

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                John Danek Level 4

                Check your print output resolution in the print dialog.  It may be set too low.

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                  Was DYP Level 3

                  Under Advanced make sure Print as Bitmap is disabled


                  Obviously you meant to say, make sure "Print as Bitmap" in enabled.


                  When printing to an RGB device if Print as Bitmap is disabled the monitor profile will be introduced into the printflow causing incorrect color output, unless your printing to a Canon printer that has Fast Graphic Process enabled which bypasses the Apple print path the has the problem of introducing the monitor profile

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                    Printer_Rick Level 4

                    Your lines are uniform, so you probably don't have a flattening issue, but double check the flattener settings in print dialog, make sure it is not set to low resolution...


                    Was DYP was right about the print as bitmap, there appears to be some bug with Mac post script, at least pertaining to Epsons. I am not sure about HP. If everything was working as it should, you would not have to print as bitmap but better safe than sorry.


                    Make sure the print as bitmap resolution is high enough, maybe the lines have something to with it...