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    Need help dragging clips to timeline... they "Layer"


      When I attempt to drag a clip from the task panel area to the timeline, even though I am putting the "next clip" into the "next" box in sequence, they are all automatically going to the fisrt box and, for lack of a better word, Layering on to of one another.  Which doesn't really allow much editing and i definately can not add "transistions"  Please help?!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          We get this question so often that we've written a FAQ on it. You'll find it in the FAQ list to the right of this forum.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Per the FAQ, you will want to use the Timeline View Mode. Besides "fixing" the problem, it is far, and away, the better way to edit. It might look different at first, but try it. If you still want to see the "Thumbnails," I would recommend changing the Video Track's view, and also zooming in (both vertically and horizongly) on the Timeline and the Tracks. Note: as you will be taxing the display sub-system of your computer a bit more, experiment with the four possible Thumbnail Views: none, First Frame, First & Last (I think that PrE has this one) and All.


            Once you get used to Timeline View Mode, you'll only use Sceneline for just the first few seconds of editing. Actually, coming from PrPro, which basically only has the Timeline View, I do not recall ever even looking at Sceneline View Mode.


            Good luck,