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    Dreamweaver losing fonts and stylings


      I work from home and in the office and have been building a new website on my home PC. When I've uploaded the website onto my portable hard disk and loaded it onto my actual work computer, all the styling and even the javascript rollover menus have been lost and everything just reverts back to black times new roman font.

      Does anyone have any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?
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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional
          Fonts can be tricky. Is the font you were using installed on the computer at work? If not, then I would recommend reconsidering your font to one that is one every system (including Macs).

          In regards to the menus no longer working check the paths to the javascript file. It should be a relative path like /folder/file.js. If the path begins with file:/// then that is a local path and wrong and the document needs to be re-saved in the site on your work PC. BTW, did you export and import the site over to the Work PC to transfer all of your site settings?