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    What project settings and export settings to use ?


      So, after some trial and error i give up and need some huge help. (7.0 Pro)


      I have recorded some footage through a game running at 1920:1200 resolution. So the question is what project settings should i choose under project, look at the picture below for example. Some times i get a large black area around the finished video, while one time it came out as a 4:3 vid....




      Further more, when i am done editing i want to export it uncompressed to the disk in the same format 1920:1200 (which is 16:10). Which settings should i then choose?




      Thx for any help you might be able to provide. Btw! Basically, what i want is just plain editing, no cropping of edges, resizing etc, i just want to take the raw video, edit it, and make a new file out of it with the same properties as the raw vid (source).