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    Cleaning up a project - tips?

    Karel Bata Level 1

      I'm always reluctant to throw things away until I'm certain I don't want to go back and resurrect something, so I tend to tuck away bits and bobs at the bottom below other tracks where they won't render. Or else there's sometimes stuff that's become redundant after a layer on top take priority. So I always find myself with lots of junk at the end of an edit.


      Once an edit is 'locked' and you want to archive it (but you might want to return someday and not find the whole mass undecipherable) is there a way to rationalise what's there automatically? Kick out the junk. Tape based edits suites (like EditMaster) used to automate this with a clean up command before doing an 'auto-conform'.



      All this working with old analog stuff is making me quite nostalgic. I must post a link when finished.