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    No PDF Thumbnails in Windows 7 RTM Reader 9.1.3


      My Thumbnails have disappeared. PDF documents that previously had thumbnails are gone. Just the plain old Adobe icon now. I have tried every setting I can think of and deleted all the thumb files and icon caches. One minute I had 'em and the next they were gone after reboot. I have reinstalled Reader 3 times.


      I am sure something got overwritten, but I sure can't find it. Basically the machine has Office 2007 and Quicken and some lesser apps. installed so far. All the Windows settings are still set to show Thumbnails. All JPGs still show thumbs. The same PDF files show perfect thumbs on my Vista machine..... I have no idea what I did or what 7 is doing. I have also tried changing color depth and resolution and rebooting.


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.