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    Raid Configuration??

    tommytmt Level 1

      I am looking for suggestions on the most opitmum configuration for cs4.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Out of curiosity, how does this post differ from the previous one?


          Harm Millaard is working with you on the other one, and he's one of the best RAID experts, likely to be on this forum. His recs. will be as good as you're gonna' find. If you're looking for opposing views, that original thread will likely draw them, but I doubt you'll find opposing views to Harm's - maybe some slightly different personal preferences, but not too different.


          Good luck,



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            tommytmt Level 1

            Guess I didn't need to repost, wasn't sure I made it clear that I was looking for suggestions.  Thanks for the reply and the info.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              This is just my thinking on the matter, as I am not a MOD.


              Were I in the position of questioning whether I had been clear in a thread that was progressing, I'd have posted something along the lines of:


              "Not sure that I made my needs clear. Here is a CLARIFICATION fo what I want to do:"


              This keeps all of the replies together, so that someone is not responding to one, not realizing that the same comments have already been made in the other. Yes, some threads can get a bit tangiential, but I find it easier to sort through those, as opposed to trying to blend the replies from two separate thread - man I get so confused with those, but that's just me.


              The above are just my personal comments and observations. Others may differ greatly.


              Regardless, good luck in your quest for knowledge. Again, I'll give props to Harm - he knows his RAID, and has spent a lot of time working with many types with NLE's..



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                Mortimer IOU Level 2

                As everyone agrees this is a redundant thread I will delete it.


                But Hunt's comments are worth reading, so for now I will merely lock this thread and leave it a few days for all to see.


                And I will move the other raid thread to the Hardware Forum where it seems a better fit.